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Today I talk to Leslie Kuster, a successful American e-commerce brand owner, about loving money and freedom. Six years ago, in her mid 50’s, she realized that her two businesses were doing okay, but not exceptionally great, so she decided to change that by focusing on one. After that, she managed to double her revenue in many years and went from 50’000 a year in sales to over 2 mio. If you've ever said: “I'm not doing it for the money” or “Money is not that important for me. I just want to help people.”, this is the episode for you to change that belief.

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If you can’t pay your light bill, how are you expected to be the light in the world?


About  Leslie

Leslie Kuster is a multiple seven figure ecommerce brand owner whose business Back From Bali offers women bohemian chic clothing ethically made in Bali. The success of Back from Bali affords Leslie the life of her dreams, and she is passionate about igniting and inspiring other women entrepreneurs to rise while they create the financial and personal freedom they crave.

Leslie empowers women to live their true freedom by teaching them how to create a business that aligns with their deeper core values enabling women to work in a way that brings ease and flow into their daily lives so they can live truly fulfilled.

You can expect Leslie’s new book, Money and Freedom: 7 Keys To 7 Figures For Women Entrepreneurs in spring 2022.



Learn the 3 things Leslie does before 9 am to make 7 figures  in Leslie's video here.


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